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Dear Life, May 6, 2012

Posted by KKAJI in All about me.
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Why must you constantly get in the way?

Understandably, as I am alive, I must live. However, you continue to shove happenstances and plot twists into my life as though you were the author of my (relatively boring) story. I was content to sit around and write, on the side of looking for jobs. I was content to plan my plots and characters. Hell, I was content to scribble out random ideas!

But no. No, you said. “That kind of life is too dull”. Well, screw you! I like my life perfectly well like this. Stop trying to shove me into uncomfortable situations. It only causes me to get sidetracked from my dreams. ._. Screw you.


Your annoyed character [Jade]


So, let me start by saying that is NOT about one of my characters, this IS about me. T_T I haven’t posted in a little while simply because I got distracted by things. But the author in me is annoyed by what I’ve been doing (even when it was fun), so I just had to write this and get it out of my head.

I, as a person, want, no need to live life differently than the hermit I’ve been portraying. And admittedly, I’ve been doing better. But my author-brain keeps beckoning, “You should have hit 15k by now~”.

I’m starting to believe that I need to make a solid schedule to follow.  D: Bah.



1. Satin Sheet Diva - May 7, 2012

As my “real” life recently kicked me in the pants, I can so relate. LOL.

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