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Writing is super imp- OH HEY A BUBBLE :D [Distractions] May 12, 2012

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Ahem, what I was saying before I was uh, detained… Was that writing is an incredibly important part of your every day life, if you plan on being an author.

But more on that another time. Today I’m going to write about distractions.

When you sit down to write, it should be simple to focus on the plot, storyline, characters of that project, right?

Oh, so very wrong.

Personally, it seems that every time I try to do that, I’m making new characters and new stories, getting distracted by music choices or something on the internet. Or, using the current example, drawing entirely new characters for an entirely new story aside from the one I NEED to be focusing on (which, if I’m honest, is a distraction from the novel I need to be editing).

It’s a vicious cycle for me. I can’t help that new ideas pop into my head constantly. I see something and I say “OH it would be so fun to write about that. I know exactly what to do *scribbles endlessly on ideas*”

I’m starting to think I have writer’s A.D.D.

I doubt I’m the only one, but a little confirmation would be appreciated.

Over and out, for the time being.


… ooh… Maybe a new story about a military team.