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Let Go May 1, 2012

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All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on. – Havelock Ellis

I have always had trouble letting go.

Letting go of people who are close to me, letting go of an idea or character, but most of all I hate giving up control!

I’ll admit it, I’m a little bit of a control freak.

All right, I’m a huge control freak. I actually hadn’t realized this until a few days ago. I want to controleverythingabout everything. It’s a little extreme. I think that’s why I have such issues with certain parts of my personal life.

But I took a step today, by relinquishing control and leaving it up to the universe.

Today I sent in a sample chapter and a synopsis to a publisher. I’ve taken the first big step, and I’m leaving it up to the universe to decide whether or not this is my break.

Wish me luck!


Screw the obstacles, I’m climbing the mountain! April 30, 2012

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“The majority see the obstacles; the few see the objectives; history records the successes of the latter, while oblivion is the reward of the former.” Alfred Montapert

I first saw this quote upon the front page of my favorite writing tool: the chat where I get to talk with my author friends from NaNoWriMo.

And for some reason, today it just hit me out of nowhere. I’m the former!

What the hell?

And I guess that’s why I’m starting up this new blog, to gain followers so that I can complete one of my biggest objectives of all. More than anything in this world, I want to write and publish a book that will be loved by hundreds, thousands, millions.

I’ll admit it, I’ve never been very good at self-promotion. It’s probably from a – blah, blah, blah, psychological analysis, blah – but I need to stop seeing that as an obstacle and see it as a new objective.

So my first order of business with this blog is to introduce you to the topic of choice and to share with you my new list of objectives/sub-objectives.

To start, the topic:

My new book has just begun, and it is entitled Dragon Runners. I had just been writing this for fun and to get the idea onto paper, so to speak, but then my good friend Kit posted something amazing on Facebook. She was participating in a live-pitch event on a publisher’s blog. She was going to get her work out there. And, despite my shy attitude, and my craziness, I actually threw my hat into the ring, too. And you know what?

I got a reply that asked me to send a synopsis and sample chapter(s). So I spent all of last night trying to rewrite my first chapter (to no avail), and then woke up five hours later, realizing that I needed to start networking. The dreaded “n” word! Well, my dreaded n-word.

So, I’m about to send in my chapter and synopsis and I decided to take a break to share with you, whomever may read this, and ask that you keep an eye on me. Because, guess what, I’m going to be big. Even if it takes a hundred more years, I’m going to keep at it until I make it because I know this is what I’m meant to do.

So, onto objectives.

  1. Biggest one: publish my first book, get everyone to like it
  2. Participate in more pitch-events, send my queries to agents, and get myself out there
  3. Speaking of that, start networking like crazy. Get everyone to read my blog and my samples, and get everyone to fall in love with my characters the way that I have.
  4. Continue to write, write, and write.
  5. Keep strong bonds with my NaNo friends (because they kick my ass into gear when I need it)
  6. Develop even further
  7. Take my spot on top!

I’m going to say it now: that list is probably going to grow. I honestly just want to finish up so I can throw some finishing touches on my sample chapter so I can send it in.

Wish me luck on my first step towards my first real objective!